Zomberry Island

                                     Written By: Clean Axe

                          Photos By: Icy Gamer (A friend of ours)


When you arrive, you’ll land by the islands common room. Go all the way left until you see 2 police and a tunnel with a big bus and more. You can talk to the first one, but not much willl be said. Talk to the 2nd one with the mustache and he’ll say:

Anyways, after a few seconds a guy will come. He’ll give you a notebook & a flashlight. Equip your flashlight and head in to the tunnel! Now, don’t be surprised if you come across a few zombies. You’ll see a lot of them in this island. No worries though, you’ll soon discover that you can shine your flashlight at the zombies to make them go dizzy and move on. If a zombie runs into you, you’ll have a panic attack and run away so do be careful!

Darkness awaits!

Darkness awaits!

After a while of exploring, you’ll see something shiny on the ground next to some kind of oil truck. It’s a key, so pick it up to add it into your items. You’ll need it in a minute. Again, walk a bit and then you’ll come upon a tow-truck and a green car, you can click on the green car, your poptropican will say “The Car Door Is Locked” The key! click use on the key and you’ll appear in a car and it’ll look like this:

                                                                                      THE FINANCIAL DISTRICT & CHINATOWN & 147 PARK AVENUE

Do you see the lights button? Click that now! Nothing’s happening! Well, now do you see the red lever? Pull that and it’ll drive a herd of zombies away on your left so you can keep moving. Well, I just said it, go left. Be careful because there is a zombie near the entrance though! Jump on the caution stand and up to the next floor. You can’t move but you will see a lunchbox! It might give you a clue, so go left to near the subway entrance, DON’T GO DOWN QUITE YET! And jump through the ceilings to a crane mover, it’s a short minigame, try to get that blocking wall replaced with a clear passageway (Note: Get rid of that zombie and don’t lift up the platform with the lunchbox!)  If you need help don’t hesitate to ask us! Once done with that, do the same thing you just did to get up to the crane, but this time go to the lunch box, don’t hop up. Move some stuff around to collect a “Subway Pass” and it’ll be added to your items. Go down to the subway where a lot of zombies will be moving around, so quickly use your subway pass so you can get in. Go left until you appear in a place like this:

Who turned the lights out?!

Who turned the lights out?!

Jump directly up from where Icy Gamer is and you’ll collect a lightbulb! Does it mean you have an idea? Just kidding, you’ll need it later. Approach left & you’ll come across 2 subway carts (Not moving of course!)

There’s a rock at the bottom on the first wheel if you saw it, click on the rock and it’ll begin to move a bit. Go back to the Financial District Subway Exit. As you leave, enter the Smoothie shop Did you know? That It’s one of the ONLY zombie free areas after you enter the tunnel?

Click on the pamphlet, as you can see in this picture:

Free At Last!!!

Free At Last!!!

You can leave now, but you can move left and play with the juice buttons too!



Well, now leave the store, go all the way left to Shady Side. Run a little until you reach a fuse b0x. Click on it. it looks hard, but it really isn’t just make sure you made 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 go up, and 2, 4 go down. Then, it’ll look like this:

You’ll find out why you did that in a second. well, close that and make your way up, only jumping on green windows. (That’s why you did that 🙂 ) Enter through a door on the roof following either all the green paths or the clean path you made yourself. When you enter the “Roof Acces” don’t go down the stairs, jump directly left. Enter through a door leading to an apartment, careful, there’s a zombie! No zombies! How sweet! Now, go to his desktop and you’ll see a yellow note attached to his computer:

Lalala, just browsin' around...

Lalala, just browsin’ around…

It’ll be added to your notebook (ROFL Password: Awesome User: Doctor :P)


You can still look around at Dr. Romero’s stuff, but you don’t have to. (In the kitchen there’s a disected melon 😦 & 😛 at the same time!) Now, go down 1 flight of stairs and you’ll find room 5 Joe Puddy’s apartment. When you enter, you’ll se a toolkit and boltcutters. Get the boltcutters and make your way to the fridge to pick up yet another clue.

Poptropica WHAT now?!

Poptropica WHAT now?!

Now, go down the last flight of stairs to enter an apartment with a dude playing video games. (Yeesh! Not the time bro!) Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that the zombies were the best thing that happened to him. Did you notice the camera? Click on it and it’ll be added into your items.

Don’t leave yet! Click on his trash can near the exit to pick up another clue. Rummage through gross pizzas, crumbled up papers, and sodas to find a soda bottle nutrition facts.

You can explore around Gamer Guy’s house, but you’re probably grossed out by now, so let’s move on. Leave his apartment (Finally!) And equip you camera to find out that the flash is really handy. Well, moving on, go left to Chinatown.

Really dude? Undies?

Really dude? Undies?

Go left to The Karaoke Bar (Jump on the unlit lanters) when you get inside, find a teenage girl there who says that she’s trapped. (So sad that you can only customize her lips!) Well, anyways go right (beware of the zombies) and turn on the disco lights, she’ll say you’re a life saver and… leave! Well, use her computer and go to this page:

Don't forget the clue notebook!

Don’t forget the clue notebook!

You’ll see where the phone was located, so click unlock and take a screenshot.

Well, click on the peice of paper by the bowl to get a receipt.

Now you’re almost finished with this island, but now exit, and use your lightbulb on the lanterns like this:


All the zombies will then evacuate! Now, see the open hole? jump down it and you’ll end up:

Chinatown Subway

Chinatown Subway

Careful not to fall or you’ll have to go through Financial District and all. Well, go inside the subway cart and run to the right, pull the lever and the subway will move for a bit and then stop. It’s the end of the line. Go outside and check out where you are…. Financial District! (Yay??!?) Well, climb the ladder and obviously, the computer program unlocked the door! What was that noise…. AHHH!! A herd of zombies! quickly make your way inside. Cripes! Is That…



To get his phone, run to the phone & dial his number 555-3946, it’ll land on the floor pick it up and watch the videos. Also, pick up the reciept. Not much given away, but Entries 3/4 & 4/4 he eats blue berries & turns into a zombie! Now, look at the reciept, go to the big board once finished it should look like this:

Gasp! The Blueberries!

Gasp! The Blueberries!

Now, get the just made coffee and exit the Bunker. Go back to Chinatown.

                                                         THE  WHARF

Go left to “The Wharf” Use your bolt cutters, and you’ll end up in a dark place. Make your way through the zombies and get to the door that says “Do Not Open Until 2000” Open the door and you’ll see this:

Obviously, because he has a shadow puppet, he’s

1. An Awkward Guy

2. Very Lonely

But he’s nice, he’ll cover you soldier! Give him the cofee cup first. He’ll give you a keycard Jump up all the crates and make it to the top. It’s like a guide. Once you manage to get to the end, go over to the crane thingy and use the keycard to find blueberries from Cleveland, and follow the steps. The short “game” is simple too, just avoid a collision.



When you get in the crate, there’s big blue from the members only item! Use the flash to avoid the fat dude and grab some blueberries. Now, exit through the subway again. Use your subway card and climb back on the subway and climb the ladder.


Once you get in his bunker, use the sample blueberries you got and use it on Dr. Romero he’s free! Now, you need to make enough for the zomies though. Did you get a chance to play Gamer Guy’s video game? It was optional, but it’s good practice for now. Uh oh! Zombies are coming! Board up that doorway! When you’re done, they break through! Turn the crank quickly. They come in and… is that the hippie dude? When you’re done, talk to Dr. Romero, and he’ll give you the island medallion! Congratz!



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  1. Lone Owl January 25, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    Thanks Clean Axe for this awesome guide & Thanks Icy Gamer for the pictures! I’ll cover you guys on the Membership Bonus Quest!

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