Early Poptropica

Island 1:


By: Chilly Chicken & Lone Owl

Edited By: Clean Axe

Did You Know? Early Poptropica Island was the 1st island on Poptropica.


When you arrive at Early Poptropica Island and climb down your blimp, you’ll land on Main Street. You can explore the islands 2 common rooms: Soda Pop Shop & Arcade. You can explore the rooms….


Done exploring? go right, right until you come upon a few 8 bit men. Talk to the one next to something that looks like a pig pen with no pig. He’s missing a pig. Do the same (talk) to the next 2 men (keep going right). One is missing a pig, the other is missing a bucket, and the third is missing a signal flag. Find the well next to Man #2 (MISSING A BUCKET) And go down. Now it’s time to find the glow stick!


You’ll find the glow stick near the top left. Once you find it walk into it to reach it and add it into your inventory.


Now, go back to main street, where you mightve seen a manhole while looking around. Go down the manhole. CAUTION: IF HIT BY THE SPIDERS YOU’LL GET KNOCKED OUT Once in the manhole, (READ THE CAUTION NOTE) be careful! Jump all the way down (AGAIN: Be careful!) And you’ll se a big spider moving back and forth… AND… THE PIG! It isn’t as easy as pie though. (For a few it might be) jump down to be on the same floor as that huge spider, and grab the pig. Don’t leave yet! Go all the way left until you see a big tunnel. Good thing you got that glow stick! Keep going up until you see the writing on the wall “GETTING WARMER” (If you didn’t get there, you might’ve made a wrong turn.) Then when you get there, Jump DIRECTLY left and find the egg. Now, just exit (UP) and make your way to the poptropica towers!



The Poptropica Towers is a really cool place, look around if you’d like! Now, jump up with the clotheslines, careful not to fall! Then, after a while of jumping, you’ll get to a sky restaurant, go up. THERE IS A GIANT GIANT!! No worries though, hand it the egg, he’ll  let you pass. Now, grab the bucket by the veggies. Go right to the Aircraft Graveyard & grab the jetpack. See that manhole? jump down it and… INSTANT SHORTCUT!! grab the flag. If you fell to the ground instead of to the water tower, use your jetpack.


Go to Early Poptropica, return all of your items, and then a boat will pull up. Talk to the man on the boat and he’ll give you the island medallion! Congratz!


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