About Us

♥♥Lone Owl♥♥

Hi, I’m Lone Owl, I’m 12 and I live in Delaware, USA. You can call me Tara, Maria or Tara Maria if you want. I have blonde medium length slightly wavy hair and brown eyes. I consider myself flexible type. I love Figure Skating (I have 5 medals) and drawing, and I also play piano. In my spare time, I read, play board games, watch TV & More. (ROFL watch TV) I’m into film making and animation right now. I’m Christian and I love Jesus my savior and God. I read the Bible almost every day. I watch Disney Channel, Survivor, Americas Got Talent, Nick & American Idol. I’m also French, Irish, British, and Italian.


♫♪Clean Axe♪♫ 

I’m Clean Axe (Just Call me Jada) and I love music, it’s my LIFE. I play violin, flute and piano. I’m 13 years old. I have blonde wavy hair, no bangs and green eyes. I live in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia actually. I consider myself musical type. I’m cousins with Lone Owl (Or Tara Maria. Maria is her middle name). I’ve tried Ice Skating (Guess who talked me into it :P) but I’m HORRIBLE From: ♥♥Lone Owl♥♥: Youre really good Jada. Okay whatever, I’m Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ & God. I’m French, Irish, and Swedish. I’m on Lone Owl’s mom’s side (her mom is my mom’s sister)

☺ Chilly Chicken ☺ 

Hey guys, my name is Henry, and I love hockey, I’m really into football and my favorite team is the Ravens & Giants. I’m 11 I have brown hair, no bangs, and blue eyes tannish skin. I consider myself shy type. I love paintings especially with oil pastels. I’m Christian & Jewish so I celebrate Christmas & Hanukkah. My mom is Christian & my dad is Jewish. I live in Delaware and I’m  Hungarian, Greek, Israel & Welsh. 

♣♣ Skinny Beetle ♣♣ 

Hi guys, I’m Lauren and I live in Canada. I’m 10. I have shoulder length black curly hair, no bangs and blue eyes. I love soccer and swimming, in the winter i do skiing. I consider myself adventurous type. I like hiking, and traveling, actually Chilly Chicken (aka Henry) is the only one who hasn’t been outside of his country or on a plane. (He’s my cousin). I’m Christian and I love God & Jesus. I’m Greek & Hungarian. (I’m on Chilly Chicken’s dads side, his dad is my mom’s brother).

♦♦  Spotted Fish  ♦♦ 

Hi, I’m Spotted Fish, just call me Catherine. I live in Colorado. I’m 12. I have long blonde straight hair with a little bang, and brownish-greenish eyes. I love writing stories. I consider myself creative type. I’m cousins with Lone Owl & Clean Axe. Their mom’s are my mom’s sisters. I’m Christian and I read my Bible every day. I’m  French, Irish, and German. 


I hope that tells enough!

Your’s Truly,

The Staff Of Poptropica Help Network


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